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About Me

My background

I'm an ex-combat vet  /  retired years ago  /  have always been LIBERTARIAN  ( favor conservative fiscal policies in govt at all levels )  /  favor the abolition of fed income tax & abolition of the Federal Reserve  /  worked in Financial Sector for 40 years

Who I am

America was built by independent, self sufficient people who mostly took care of themselves

  I love this concept.  The ONLY exception I might favor is a national BASIC healthcare system.  THAT being said; it MUST be economically viable AND market based.  The only way that can work is with a broad based tax of some kind.  What most people do NOT know is that the Feds collect approximately 5 BILLION dollars yearly in EXCISE taxes - THAT should be enough to run a DOWNSIZED federal government.

   Healthcare can be financed with just TWO taxes;  Those that bring children into this world should pay perhaps $300 per head per year until the child reaches age 21 whereupon all those funds would go into a DEDICATED personal account.  ANYONE that chose NOT to buy health insurance should be on their own.  As far as getting this "off the ground" ~ a broad based tax IS the answer.  It could be levied thru a 2% national sales tax: built into the price of every item sold in excess of $100 - just a thought

Things I love

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC - DIXIE jazz, Rock, classical Organ, some classical, some C&W, Blues  /  Flying EXCEPT Airline travel - unless it's in Biz class  /  Physics  /  the guy that builds train whistles - COOL dude  /  SEX - NO commitments - I am OLD  /  Travel with pals ( not many left )  /   Drinking with my pals - NONE left in that category  /  old 50s - 60s cars - had an AMX Javelin - passed everything on road EXCEPT gas stations  /  will eventually get back HAM radio license